New Beginnings…

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I am looking forward to so much this. I’m starting to go into the college search process and I am looking at schools below the Mason-Dixon Line. I’m done with the Northeast for the moment. It’s too cold up here and there is way too much snow. I also am turning eighteen this year as well, so I will no longer be a minor. There is a new president this year. I don’t exactly believe in him but we will see what he does. There a lot of new things this year. I am finally happy and my parents have started to settle down from their divorce. I’m getting used to the two different households and having belongings in different places.


The Oxford English Dictionary defines clicktivism as “the use of social media and other online methods to promote a cause.” It doesn’t only do that. It also involves organizing, facilitating, signing petitions, crowdfunding, and other things.

Social media makes it too easy to seem like an activist. One example of this is Facebook. On Facebook, people can change their photo to show an image that indicates support for a cause. I can say that I have done this. After the attack in Paris in 2015, I changed the image to have a filter with the the Prayforparis logo, which can be seen above.

Another area of Clicktivism is in the app store. Every once in a while apps are sold and all the profits go to a cause. I know that the Sims does this.

Why pay attention to celebrities?

Why do we pay attention to celebrities? Why do we watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians? Why do so many people watch TMZ? Why are there paparazzi?

I think its because we want to know that they can be normal, that they can screw up just like us. They are the entertainment industry. We watch their every move to see what they do and sometimes we do what they do and sometimes we don’t. But we love them and sometimes we think of them as family.


photo credit: http://www.hollywood.com/celebrities/celebrities-with-surprisingly-high-iqs-60471366/

MLK Day 2017

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had said many great things. There is one quote from him that has resonated with me.

Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.

Freedom is never given without being asked for it. There has not been one instance that I can think of in history where freedom was given without it being desired. Many parents don’t give their children freedom and independence until they beg for it, and even then it may not be until they are at a mature age. The American Colonies had to fight and use violence to gain freedom from Great Britain, who was oppressing the colonies with high taxes.

Instead of having a day off, what can we do?

We should take the time to educate the youth. We should revisit and teach about the Civil Rights Movement talk with our families and our communities about the importance of picking up the megaphone or pen instead of the sword.

photo credit: http://www.grammar.zone/

The Dangers Of Circular Reporting

There are many dangers of circular reporting. Circular reporting is when a someone writes an article and another person writes another article using the information from the first article and the author of the first article sites the second article as a source. Sound confusing? I have a hard time with it too. Let’s break it down.

If I wrote an article about the platypus and I wrote “Paul the Platypus, who lives in  at the New Hampshire Wildlife Refuge, loves to swim and eat crawfish all day.” and my friend saw that and he wrote an article that includes “Paul the Platypus of New Hampshire Wildlife Refuge is one example of what platypi love to do all day.” If I said that I got the information about Paul the Platypus from my friend’s article, that would be circular reporting.

I find this disturbing and I feel like this happens a lot in newspapers and articles all over. I’m sorry if I didn’t describe it very well! 🙂


Photo credit: © AMNH/ R. Mickens

Coming to a Theater Near You

Coming to a theatre near you is some great movies. They range from being rated PG to be rated R. One movie, Hidden Figures, is about three African-American women who worked to send John Glenn into orbit. Another movie that is coming to a theatre near you is Sing, which is about a koala tries to preserve the theatre he runs by producing a singing competition.

The big movie is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It opens on a farm where former scientist Galen Erso lives with his wife and daughter. The movie tells the story of how the rebellion got the plans to the death star and the sacrifice of those who went against orders to attack one of the best guarded planets in the galaxy and how the daughter of the designer helps destroy it. I would call it Star Wars: Episode III.V!

photo credit: https://www.bleedingcool.com/