Coming to a Theater Near You

Coming to a theatre near you is some great movies. They range from being rated PGĀ to be rated R. One movie, Hidden Figures, is about three African-American women who worked to send John Glenn into orbit. Another movie that is coming to a theatre near you is Sing, which is about a koala tries to preserve the theatre he runs by producing a singing competition.

The big movie is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It opens on a farm where former scientist Galen Erso lives with his wife and daughter. The movie tells the story of how the rebellion got the plans to the death star and the sacrifice of those who went against orders to attack one of the best guarded planets in the galaxy and how the daughter of the designer helps destroy it. I would call it Star Wars: Episode III.V!

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New Beginnings…

This is the post excerpt.

I am looking forward to so much this. I’m starting to go into the college search process and I am looking at schools below the Mason-Dixon Line. I’m done with the Northeast for the moment. It’s too cold up here and there is way too much snow. I also am turning eighteen this year as well, so I will no longer be a minor. There is a new president this year. I don’t exactly believe in him but we will see what he does. There a lot of new things this year. I am finally happy and my parents have started to settle down from their divorce. I’m getting used to the two different households and having belongings in different places.